Three Big Challenges Facing Video Marketers

Video is becoming a standard for marketers. With it’s ability to reach new audiences and motivate viewers to take action, it’s no wonder businesses are implementing video into their marketing strategies. 

Despite its potential to generate leads, many businesses still struggle with creating video content that’s effective and leads to real results. Below are three big challenges facing marketers who use video, and our tips on how to conquer them. 

Budget vs. Quality

The scope of a project will determine the cost of production. A production that requires several days of shooting in different locations will cost more than a production that requires a day of shooting in one location. Many other factors can also influence budget, such as editing, and motion graphics. The best way to figure out a budget for video is by approaching a production company and sharing with them your vision, goals, and expectations for a project. They will be able to help you define the scope of your project and set a realistic budget. 

Telling a Story

In order to get an audience to pay attention to your video, it’s important to find a way to make it worth their while. Aggressively selling to an audience with a list of facts about a product or service is the quickest way to lose them. Instead, focus on telling an interesting story that will keep your audience’s attention and motivate them to take action. No matter how good a video looks, audiences won’t pay attention unless the content is compelling. 

Reaching your Audience 

Video can only be effective in generating leads if it’s seen by the right viewers, which is why making sure your video gets in front of your target audience is key. The first place you’ll want to start is on your own website. Your website if where potential customers will start the buying process, so it’s important have compelling videos available that will answer questions and motivate your viewers take action. Posting videos to social media is also important because many of your followers are likely to be the audience you’re trying to reach. Youtube and Vimeo are also great ways to get your video in front of a much wider audience, but focus on driving viewers back to your website so they will be able to easily watch your other videos. 

While implementing video in to a marketing strategy can come with its challenges, they all can easily be resolved by working together with professionals who with help craft your message and reach your audience, all while ensuring production costs stay within budget.