Four Secrets to Great Video

It's never been more important to start implementing video into your marketing strategy. We are sharing a few secrets that will help your business get the most out of video.

Consistency is key.

Don't think of video as a one-time endeavor. If you want to see results, your video marketing efforts will need to be ongoing. Come up with a strategy that will ensure your business is using video consistently and regularly.

Focus on what's important.

Any video your business produces should fit within your marketing strategy and serve some sort of purpose. You might seek to generate leads, create awareness, build credibility, educate - the list goes on. No matter what the purpose for a video is, just make sure it's clearly defined as you begin planning.

Know who you're speaking to.

If your business has a marketing strategy in place, t's likely that you've already defined who your target audience is; and it's very important to keep that in mind as you're planning and scripting a video. Clearly define who you're speaking to in each and every video - it might be your customers, prospects, or employees. Each message should be crafted to your audience, and answer the critically important question: "What's in it for me?".

Invest in good video.

Producing quality video has never been more important - and we know that sounds self-serving, even though we don't mean for it to be. There's a reason businesses seek the help of production companies like us at Bespoke Video Production. The work that goes into producing good video is never as simple as just turning on a camera. Poorly produced video will not generate the results you are looking for, and worse, likely may damage your brand/business. Not only can a production company assist with the production of your video, they can also help with planning, scripting, and distribution.