Entertaining Training

Not only has entertainment become a popular approach to employee training and safety videos — it’s becoming a standard. Effective training doesn’t have to be boring. Education and entertainment can go hand in hand. 

You may be hesitant to incorporate humor or entertainment into your employee training, especially when it comes to safety. But done properly, humor can actually improve retention. Viewers will remember more of what is taught to them if the content is entertaining. 

Delivery is key. 

You don’t necessarily have to change the educational content of your training in order to make it more entertaining, instead try to focus on the delivery. Simply delivering information in a more casual tone can make educational content feel less like it’s being read from a text book. If you’re using a host or voiceover, search for talent that will be engaging and relatable to your audience. 

Use humor in moderation. 

It’s important to remember that while entertainment and humor can be an effective tool, it should never overwhelm the educational content of a training or safety video. Humor can be difficult, so if you’re unsure of how to approach a training video, don’t be afraid to seek the assistance of a production company in scripting your material.

Demonstrate good and bad practices. 

The purpose of a safety or training video is to clearly explain the correct way handle a certain situation. It can be equally important to offer viewers a contrast that demonstrates the wrong way to do something. Often humor or entertainment can come into play while depicting bad practices or ways a situation could be handled incorrectly. 

As explained by Lorri Freifeld of Training Magazine, “Done intelligently, a small number of entertaining moments can make an hour-long training seminar move from obligatory to eagerly anticipated.” For more tips on how to create more enjoyable training videos, check out her step-by-step guide.