Aerial Video

Drones and other radio controlled aerial videography tools are sweeping the nation, capturing breathtaking footage that would have been difficult, if not impossible, to shoot less than a decade ago. A quick search for aerial video will lead you to thousands of videos captured by professionals and amateurs alike that feature birds-eye views of everything from firework shows to vast landscapes like the Serengeti.

Aerial videography allows us to see the world from a different angle and perspective. Not only is it a great tool for capturing epic shots of scenic landscapes and city skylines - it can also be used to enhance storytelling, perspective and movement.

Aerial video creates sweeping shots that give audiences a sense of scale, scope, and space that you just don't get from below. For example, when showcasing a home for real estate purposes, a view of a property from the ground doesn't allow you to see nearly as much as a sweeping shot from above does. Aerial photography allows the camera to circle an entire property, capturing a 360 view in one epic shot. When working to add energy and perspective to a script, aerial videography affords a camera to fly through tight spaces and move around things like trees and buildings for a unique point of view and a sense of surrounding space.

To see some examples of how we at Bespoke Video Production utilize aerial videography in our storytelling, check out the videos below.