5 Myths of Digital Video

There are many myths circulating about digital video. Here are five myths that we have recently run across: 

Myth 1: Good video is expensive to produce.

Video doesn’t have to bust your budget. Producing video that communicates your message, drives people to buy your product or service, entertains or informs can be done very efficiently with thoughtful planning and diligent execution.

Myth 2: The only effective video is a viral video.

Getting millions of views on a video is great, but it is also very rare. Videos with less than a thousand views can still translate into new clients and sales! It’s all about creating the right message and getting it in front of the right audience!

Myth 3: Video production is too complicated.

Video production doesn’t have to be complicated! If you choose to work with a professional production company, they will be able to assist you in writing, shooting and editing your video. Working with experts can help you save time and money; and, experts understand how to produce video for the multiple screens on which your message will be seen. As an example, this video for Powers of Arkansas was designed for sharing in email and viewing on mobile devices and tablets.

Myth 4: An online (digital) video is the same as a traditional TV commercial.

There’s no question that television advertising is powerful. And, while an online video can serve the same purpose as broadcast commercial, digital video does not have the same limitations as a traditional commercial. There is so much more you can accomplish with a well planned and executed digital video, including customizing messages based on user and device! 

Myth 5: It’s hard to get an audience to find or watch our digital videos.

Through utilizing carefully planned SEO strategies, social media, and most importantly, your own website, your video will be actually be seen by more people- and most importantly- the right people. As another example, this video for Staley Technologies resides on their website homepage.

At Bespoke, we love helping people create powerful video that achieves (and exceeds) our customers goals and targets. Call us myth-busters… we would love to help you utilize powerful, compelling video to tell your story! Give us a call!